Monday, January 11, 2010

Rose Painted Cake

Cake painted with edible paints using One Stroke techniques.  The whole process is a little more involved than when painting on a surface, it is impossible to remove any mistakes, but the overall look of the cake when finished makes it all worth while.  Finding the 'paints' that suit your style takes a while, but it's worth trying out a few edible mediums before you settle on the one you like.  The Canadian Cake Decorators Guild offer Painting on Cakes classes and it is well worth considering before painting on tiered wedding cakes.  It is also worth considering taking a fondant course so that your fondant is evenly and properly smooth and well applied to give you a good base on which to paint.  A Wilton Course 3 is offered  both at the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild and some Michaels and Bulk Barn stores.   How about start with cookies first?  Fondant is available at the Bulk Barn or Michaels Craft Stores and is easy to work with if you follow the instructions.  You can use a smear of  buttercream or piping gel (also available from these stores) otherwise the fondant will not stick to the cookie.  You can also buy fondant sheets that are very thin, smooth sheets of fondant ideal for painting or printing on.  Simply paint your picture (with edible paints of course) then apply it to your cake covered with buttercream or fondant.   For more information visit Kopy Kake.Royal icing can also be used to cover your cookie, but remember to allow a couple of days between applying the icing and applying the paint because otherwise your paint will 'blur' as it is absorbed into the icing.